About Us

We have helped to define the future

We are Technologists ourselves and have worked with some of the most prestigious and influential companies in the industry.  We hold patents, shape the technologies and in some cases get to peek over the horizon and see what is coming next.

We are also technology contract experts.  We know what you are looking for and we find it quickly and effectively so you can focus on your primary functions- getting stuff done.

We love working with our clients and helping them make their vision of the future a reality.  We can help you assemble a cutting edge team for your next new transformative initiative.  We can help you reshape your existing team with Leadership and Coaching on new methodologies and new tools and make them thought leaders.  We can work with your senior staff to develop a strategic plan for how to embrace and leverage these new technologies to your advantage

Whether it is Technology Leadership and Consulting, Staff and Skills Augmentation or Project based engagement, Virtual Atomics can help your organization embrace and thrive in the sea of technology challenges.

Contact us at: inquiries@virtualatomics.com

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