Mobile Computing

  • It is not just a phone anymore, it’s your personal computing platform

  • It tells you where you are, what you are doing, what you are going to be doing next and how to get there

  • It allows you to talk to the entire world, for the world to talk to you, for you to text, tweet and post about anything you are doing including pictures and video

  • You can pay with it, you can check prices with it, you can order from it and you can even talk to it

  • That little slab of metal and plastic is changing everything about our society from shopping to dating and it is changing how companies and their customers interact and they are interacting

  • Mobile Computing is not just about technology, it is about understanding how Peer-to-Peer communications impact brands.  It is about how Social Networks can help you or impact you.  It is about how customers can be Advocates or Albatrosses.

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