Cloud Computing

  • Imagine you had a super-computer at your disposal

  • Imagine also  you had all the software that big companies have like CRM solutions, HR software and ERP systems to automate, report and help drive efficiency

  • Now you have all of that and it costs you less than the rent of your store per month

  • This is the promise of Cloud Computing and it is a game-changer for every business on the planet

  • It is the democratization of computing, allowing everyone to have access to scalable, powerful computing solutions

  • Driving this amazing revolution is a set of complex technologies that upset everything we know about managing a data-center: Virtualization, Power Management, Multi-Tenancy, Encryption, Data Replication, Data Redundancy and even Transaction Integrity

  • Cloud Computing is transforming how you consume computing resources, how you interact with your partners, how your customers interact with you, where your data lives, and where your data comes from but you will need to have people that understand the Pros and Cons of this revolutionary technology

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