We are Virtual Atomics…  We are the flexible Future of Technology Consulting, Contracting, and Projects.

Putting technology to work for you is becoming more and more challenging.  The pace of change is unrelenting and accelerating.  New paradigms like Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing are fundamentally changing how we interact and use technology and they require specialized skills in order to harness them properly.  Your organization needs to be able to adapt and thrive in these chaotic times and you need a new way to stay agile with your teams.

Your New Technology Consulting Needs

Simply hiring new people to fill in roles or re-training your current staff pose challenges given the pace of change and the competitive nature for some of the specialized skill sets you need to move forward with your vision.  You have a new set of needs for your personnel challenges:

  • You will need experienced Consultants with the right skills and a proven track record of performance

  • You need to create a team with skills you are unfamiliar with

  • You will need Technical Leaders that can help implement new methodologies and approaches to building software
  • You need to do it quickly, work within tough deadlines and then transition those staff out to contain costs

We can help

We are Technologists with expertise and experience in the field.  We have an extensive network of highly skilled technical staff that are not only familiar with the technologies you are using, they have helped to define it.  We can:

  • Help you fill Contract Positions for key roles in your current project(s)
  • Help you find key personnel for Technical Leadership roles in your company
  • Help you find and evaluate candidates for critical technical positions within your permanent team
  • Provide education and support in development methodologies such as Agile Programming, SCRUM and eXtreme Programming
  • Help you understand the role that new emerging technologies will play in your company’ business strategy

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